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If I have the following xml document:

<dataset name="X"></dataset>

How can I use Xpath in c# to retrieve the value of the name attribute (i.e. X)

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Use this XPath:

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How can I use Xpath in c# to retrieve the value of the name attribute (i.e. X)

This XPath expression:


selects the wanted attribute -- all atributes named name that belong to a dataset element that is a child of a data element that is a child of the top element of the XML document.

However, you want to get the value of the attribute -- not the node itself.

This XPath expression:


when evaluated, produces the wanted string value.

In C# use the XPathNavigator.Evaluate() method to evaluate the expression above.

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use this XPath expression:


this will retrieve the dataset node. after that you can use C# tools to retrieve the attribute name from the node.

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That ius fine if I know the path but not for dynamic xml content – user559142 Jan 11 '12 at 13:37
then your question was misleading. if you only need to find elements which have name attribute in them, use @name path instead of the path i wrote above. – Orentet Jan 11 '12 at 13:40

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