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I know it can be done with input boxes using keyup paste on JQuery but what about Radio buttons?


User Selects option from Area A (radio button) and it selects(syncs) area B

<!--AREA A (Source) -->
<input id="radio_A" name="radio_A" type="radio" value="Value1" />
<input id="radio_A2" name="radio_A" type="radio" value="Value2" />

<!--AREA B (Target)-->

<input id="radio_B" name="radio_B" type="radio" value="Value1" />
<input id="radio_B2" name="radio_B" type="radio" value="Value2" />
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"JQuery Sync Selected Radio Button between 2" I don't understand the topic – Pierre de LESPINAY Jan 10 '12 at 13:59
changed...thanks – Satch3000 Jan 10 '12 at 14:00
$('input[name=radio_A]').change(function() {
    var index = $(this).index('input[name=radio_A]');
    $('input[name=radio_B]:eq(' + index + ')').attr('checked','checked');


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Try this:

$("#radio_A").click(function() {
    $("#radio_B").attr("checked", $(this).attr("checked"));
$("#radio_A2").click(function() {
    $("#radio_B2").attr("checked", $(this).attr("checked"));

Example fiddle

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keyboard input won't fire a click event, better to use .change() – rejj Jan 10 '12 at 14:06

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