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There is any way to assign names to specific Weblogic Work Manager threads?

for example: I defined a work manager called: TestWorkManager, each time that this work manager executes some task the following line will be printed to the log file.

{[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '2' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'}

in this way i can't actually know which work manager executes the task, so i want to assignnames to his threads.


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I think that threads are not executed by WorkManager as they are more like Policy/Strategy which are used to manage them (e.g : Thread Scheduling). That is WorkManager is not Thread Pool nor Thread Queue.

Thus Weblogic will log WorkManager's name for things that are directly related to its role and not for all executions (e.g : Stuck thread, Min/Max constraints, etc...)

AdminServer console displays threads' WorkManager's name in Server:Monitoring:Thread

The JVM flag -Dweblogic.StuckThreadHandling=true can be used to append WorkManager's name in log files when a stuck thread is reported.

You can enable specific debug info/key using AdminServer console in Server:Debug e.g[*]

I don't have yet enough experience about WLS but if what you described is possible then I would be pleased to get the answer as I also need it that way

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