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i need some help with a shell script. I want to start a shell witch is asking for some informations. This should be saved into variables and after entering the informations it should be written in a file.

Something like that:

call shell script

"tell me your name"

After this it should write in a file "his name is John"

I know it is a very stupid example, but if i know how to handle this i can adapt this in my special use-case.

Thanks in advance :)

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echo -n "Whats your name? "
read name
echo $name > name.txt
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It's a bit cleaner to have the read command print the prompt, using its -p option:

read -p "Tell me your name: " name
echo "His name is $name" >name.txt
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echo "Tell me your name?"
read name
echo "His name is $name" > name.txt
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Use echo to print, read to read input.

echo -n "Tell me your name: "
read name
echo "Your name is $name."
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