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I'm planning to build a web application to classify Web Pages using Ontology. As I know, there are many types of Ontologies: Domain Ontologies, Metadata Ontologies, Generic Ontologies and Representational Ontologies.

So I want to to know what type of ontology should I use to build this Web app?

Many thanks.

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It depends 100% on why you are classifying web pages. Any sort of classification has a purpose. Things are classified in a particular way so that retrieval of desired information is "easier" than by classifying in a different way.

Selection of a particular ontology depends on what you want to do with the classified web pages, so the answer is to use whatever ontology best fits your desired use.

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Thanks @cdeszaq for your reply. Well, I want to make the information on the web much easier to reach than the traditional ways. I want to create something like a "Directory". For example: If we have a blog conatins many topics (Programming, Web Development, Database, ...etc), so I want to classify the content of this blog according to syntax and semantic (Ontology). Thanks again. –  user534028 Jan 10 '12 at 16:02

You may try an Upper Ontology such as UMBEL.

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