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I have a windows service, which acts as a client to an IIS-based ASP.NET MVC3 application. They are both running on the same machine, and I'm trying to make them communicate with each other through SignalR.

I'm using the SignalR.Client library downloaded from Nuget on the windows service, and I have successfully connected it to the IIS. However, now that I'm calling a function from the MVC side SignalR Hub, which should propagate to the clients (including my Windows Service) - the Windows Service is not receiving any events.

What I've tried:

I've tried subscribing to the server side events in many ways but here is my current code:

private static Connection WebUIConnection = new HubConnection(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["localIISLocation"]);
private static IHubProxy webUiHubProxy = new HubProxy(WebUIConnection, "Hub");


WebUIConnection.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(userName, password);

webUiHubProxy.On("invoke", () => Console.WriteLine("Derp"));


On the IIS side I then call:


So, I've tried invoking things from the windows service, and those work perfectly, however - when the information needs to go from IIS-> Windows Service, absolutely nothing happens.

Now, seeing as the SignalR has dynamic binding going inside it, I don't see any exceptions being thrown and I have absolutely no idea how to approach debugging this. I've checked the application logs with Event Viewer, and there is nothing inconclusive there.

I'm thinking, if maybe there is a system in place in Windows which disallows IIS to connect to the local machine (as a security measure), but it is weird that the connection is working perfectly in one direction and not the other.

Any ideas on how to debug this, or in fact what this could be about?

Best regards, Lari

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Did you try reading the docs on how to use the .net client? github.com/SignalR/SignalR/wiki/SignalR-Client-Hubs. We also have some usage samples here gist.github.com/1324342 –  davidfowl Jan 11 '12 at 6:12
Yes, I've tried every way of subscribing to the event that is mentioned in that above code. Even copy pasted it all again just now to try it again, however - no success. The connection still works one way but not the other. Only difference in what I tried was that I used 'Clients' instead of 'Caller', because in this business case, initiating the transaction from the windows service side won't be possible. Btw, I'm seeing a bunch of first chance RunTimeBinderExceptions being thrown from the CSharp.dll, but what I've read in other posts is that this is a feature of the dynamic world. –  Lari Tuomisto Jan 11 '12 at 9:51
The problem was in the first line of code - the HubConnection was getting implicitly type-changed because of the programming error, which casts it from one type to another - which caused a gamut of mysterious problems. –  Lari Tuomisto Jan 11 '12 at 16:54

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