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Sorry if this question seems vague, I am actually asking about the Phing build script in PHP which is built off of the Ant build script for Java but I assumed that other build scripts for other languages probably perform the same way.

I have built a PHP script that will optimize images, you pass the script through the Command line a file path to a folder of images and my script will recursively go through all the images and folders of images and run the images through another 5 command line tools to optimize the images depending on what kind of image they are.

  • All images go through ImageMagick to accurately determine what kind of file they are
  • jpg,jpeg images go through JPEGTran
  • Animated gif's go through GIFsicle
  • non-animated gif's get converted to png with ImageMagick and ran through PNGcrush
  • png images go through PNGcrush, PNGquant, and PNGout

As you can imagine this take a lot of time, from some test so far, it can take anywhere from 5-15 seconds PER Image to run through the appropriate programs.

Now the whole reason for me building this is because it's awesome but secondly I built it with a Command line interface in mind for the sole purpose of being able to use it with my Phing Build script, which I have not wrote yet or even really learned all about yet.

So just a basic question for now, as I explained it takes a considerable amount of time to process images, will these build scripts generally wait/halt for a command line process to finish running before they finish there build process?

I just really want to make sure that if for some reason I had a folder full of images (ie 100 images) that could take a really long time to process, and I don't want anything to time-out and stop working

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I would say it's configureable: background or not. So wait or pass a long. –  hakre Jan 10 '12 at 16:23

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Yep, build tools like ant or phing generally wait for a command executation to finish.

To speed up things considerably, given your machine has more than one core, is to use parallel execution which is at least available in ant.

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