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I want to pass a Java class to a JRuby method, and instantiate the class object in the method (I want a generic way of running some tests on a set of Java classes, and also need to instantiate a number of these objects, not known until runtime):


def somethingMethod(javaClass)
  number.each do |n|

But this does not seem to be doable in this fashion. I get:

Failure/Error: somethingMethod(Bar)
       uninitialized constant Bar
     # somethingTest.rb:45:in `(root)'

I've also tried to use the fully qualified class name: same results. Thanks.

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For this, use java_class attribute of the JRuby wrapped class.

In your code


should work.

You should also use this attribute, when Java method expects Java class as a parameter.

For more examples, see https://github.com/jruby/jruby/wiki/CallingJavaFromJRuby

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The problem was I was using com.foo.Bar instead of com::foo::Bar to fully qualify the class name (!). And javaClass.java_class.new did not work: Failure/Error: somethingMethod(com::foo::Bar) NoMethodError: undefined method new for class com.foo.Bar::JavaClass – ggg Jan 10 '12 at 16:29
And Thanks! :-) – ggg Jan 10 '12 at 16:35

This works fine for me--are you importing the class? Requiring "java"?

jruby-1.6.2 :001 > def foo(c)
jruby-1.6.2 :002?>   cc = c.new
jruby-1.6.2 :003?>   puts ">>#{cc}<<"
jruby-1.6.2 :004?>   end
jruby-1.6.2 :005 > foo(String)
jruby-1.6.2 :007 > foo(ArrayList)
NameError: uninitialized constant ArrayList
jruby-1.6.2 :008 > foo(java.util.ArrayList)
jruby-1.6.2 :009 > require 'java'
jruby-1.6.2 :010 > foo(java.util.ArrayList)
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