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Iwant java code for find spicific format/value from text file

I want java code to find specific format/value from text file.

My text file contains following text format:

~KL*1**20*1~NM1*PR*2*BLUE CROSS OF CONNECTICUT***PI*00060 ~KL*2*1*21*1~NM1*1P*1*TOM*MATHEW**XX*2865321477 ~KL*3*2*22*1~TRN*1*163610204*1352091203~NM1*IL*1*CRISS*DONALD ~KL*4*3*23*0~NM1*03*1*TOM*JACOB~DMG*D8*19700208~INS*N*34~HI*BK:4168*BF:2859*BF:25060~DTP*291*D8*20100506~EQ*5^32 ~KL*5*2*22*0~TRN*1*163610204*1352091203~NM1*IL*1*CRISS*DONALD~DMG*D8*19600208~HI*BK:3572*BF:45981~DTP*291*D8*20100506~EQ*5^32~SE*24*324679238 So hear ~kL contains some values like*1**20*1 and other ~kL contains *2*1*21 and other ~kl ...so on.

Now I want code to find/output for all ~KL but that contains *22 example: ~KL*5*2*22*0

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Do you want to accept input of the type ~KL.blahblah...BLUE CROSS 22 ? or does the "22" have to be in the first section of the line, with the KL? If the 22 has to be in the first section, what delimits the KL section from the other stuff??? –  user949300 Jan 10 '12 at 17:10

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You should use a regular expression. Something like:

String input = "~KL*1**20*1~NM1*PR*2*BLUE CROSS OF CONNECTICUT***PI*00060 ~KL*2*1*21*1~NM1*1P*1*TOM*MATHEW**XX*2865321477...";
Pattern p = Pattern.compile("~KL.*22.*");
Matcher m = p.matcher(text);

while (m.find()) {
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This would match something like "~KL...blahblah...BLUE CROSS 22", right? Which I don't think is what he wants. However, until the original poster clarifies what indicates the end of the "KL" section, it's hard to say. –  user949300 Jan 10 '12 at 17:08
Exactly. This would match anything that has ~KL, at some point followed by 22. If the OP could further clarify the constraints of each "section," that would help. But nonetheless, regular expressions are the way to his answer. –  Jonathan Newmuis Jan 10 '12 at 17:10
Yes, I agree that a regex is almost certainly the right approach, and once the OP clarifies you'll probably get an upvote from me. –  user949300 Jan 10 '12 at 17:20
You have to escape out the * :( –  Peter Lawrey Jan 10 '12 at 17:23

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