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Here is a simple usecase which I don't manage to realise : I want to create a link or button which calls a server method (action) and will redirect to a page without preserving the cid parameter.

I'm using JSF2, JBoss 7 and Seam 3.

Here are two methods I tried without success.

First one, the h:commandLink

<h:commandLink action="pages/home.xhtml"
               value="#{bundles.layout.logout}" />

Here, identity.logout() is called, but then, the browser is redirected to pages/home.xhtml?cid=1, so if I login again, I will have an

org.jboss.weld.context.ContextNotActiveException: WELD-001303 No active contexts for scope type javax.enterprise.context.ConversationScoped


Second one, the h:link

<h:link outcome="/pages/home.xhtml" value="#{bundles.layout.logout}">
    <f:ajax event="click" listener="#{identity.logout()}" />

Here, I don't have any cid in the generated hyperlink, but the method identity.logout() is not called...

Does someone have an idea ?

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Using h:commandLink and calling conversation.end() from identity.logout() should work. You didn't include the code for identity.logout(), but I suspect you're not ending the conversation. By ending the conversation, you change it from long-running to transient, at which point it should not be propagated.

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The code of identity.logout() is Seam's 3 security module. It doesn't call conversation.end() but session.invalidate(). Moreover, I've created a PostLoggedOutEvent observer which calls conversation.end(), but nothing's better : it stills redirect to pages/home.xhtml?cid=X where X is the current conversation id before logout. – Anthony O. Jan 12 '12 at 9:16

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