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I'm facing k&r exercise 1.24, that states: "Write a program to check a C program for rudimentary syntax errors like unmatched parentheses, brackets and braces".

I'm not sure about how to deal with square brackets.

Are nested square brackets possible in ANSI C syntax ? I haven't yet seen them so far, but I'm only at Chapter 1.

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Yes, they are possible: a[b[i]] –  Mysticial Jan 10 '12 at 17:29
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Sure it is possible, access an array, in the place denoted in a second array. a[b[i]]

It is often used for bucket sort, where your buckets is a second array, and each bucket is an element in this array.

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Thanks! When I ask a question on stackoverflow I always learn something more than what I expect, even when my question is somehow trivial! –  cimere Jan 10 '12 at 17:37
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Yes it is possible:

int index[] = {0,3,1,3};
int data[] = {9,10,22,34};

data[index[0]] = 0;
data[index[1]] = 1;
data[index[2]] = 2;
data[index[3]] = 3;
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Accessing an array in an array is possible

x[y[0]] //valid;

But not for syntax within an array

x[[0]] //invalid;
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