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I'm trying to create a UITextView in my Main UIViewController when a UIControlEventTouchUpInside happens with my UIButton which is in a UIPopoverController. I tried to use a delegate protocol to allow my button to be referenced within the Main viewcontroller.m but I don't think I have been doing it right. I will also mention I've created the UIButton and UITextField programmatically in a UIView subclass for the UIPopover.

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The view controller that you display in the UIPopoverController should look something like this:

@interface MyViewControllerForPopover : UIViewController
    @property (weak) UIViewController *viewControllerInWhichCreateTheTextField;

Meaning that you could keep a weak reference to the view controller in which you want to add the text field. The button you generated in this MyViewControllerForPopover could do something like:

- (void)createTextViewInConnectedViewController:(id)sender {
    UITextField *myTextField = ...;
    [self.viewControllerInWhichCreateTheTextView.view addSubview:myTextField];

The key concept is that you want to have a weak reference (to avoid retain cycle) to the view controller you wish to alter. Even better if that view controller has a method to actually add the text field itself. Hope it helps!

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Thanks for the Reply I will give your method a go! – Ollie177 Jan 15 '12 at 16:55

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