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I'm trying to resolve an artifact with a version matcher in Ivy. The docs basically say to add this to the ivysettings.xml

      <match revision="foo" pattern="${major}\.${minor}\.\d+" args="major, minor" matcher="regexp" />

and this to your ivy.xml

<dependency org="com.example" name="test" rev="foo(1, 3)" />

However, this is the error message I get when doing this:

Impossible to resolve dependencies of com.example#com.example;working@XX81111L
unresolved dependency: com.example#test;foo(1,0): not found
unresolved dependency: com.example#test;foo(1,0): not found

What could I be missing here?

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What file pattern are you trying to match? I've never needed to use this advanced ivy feature. I'd suggest reading the ivy test doco for a working example – Mark O'Connor Jan 12 '12 at 21:04
Well, 1.3.123 should resolve with this example, but it doesn't seem to even be trying to use the version matcher at all. I've tried even simpler patterns like ${major} and it doesn't work. I've tried finding more documentation on this, but without much luck. – stuff22 Jan 13 '12 at 0:02
forgive me. Why do you need to specify a version matcher? What is the problem you're trying to solve that requires this feature? – Mark O'Connor Jan 13 '12 at 23:23
I don't anymore actually, I was just trying it out and expecting it to work. I've since used version ranges in ivy to achieve my desired functionality. – stuff22 Jan 24 '12 at 17:52
did you find the solution anyway by any chance? – pvgoddijn Oct 3 '14 at 15:22

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