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Error messages on build/re-build

e:\aaamac\aaamac\aaamacmprod\debug\jjjjgeo.tlh(1220): error C3121: cannot change GUID for class 'GeoPoint'
e:\aaamac\aaamac\aaamacmprod\debug\jjjjmap.tlh(488) : see declaration of 'GeoPoint'

click on the top line took me to a line in a file "aaaageo.tlh

struct __declspec(uuid("c0f74d34-2802-11d4-a320-006008bf4bdf"))
// [ default ] interface IGeoPoint  

click on the bottom line took me to a line in a file "aaaamap.tlh"

struct __declspec(uuid("dd0257b9-5c91-473e-8203-bd472f51c44b"))
   double lat;
   double lon;

aaaageo.tlh and aaaamap.tlh are generated codes from tlb files that I have no control over.

This code compiled, built, and ran using VC++ 6. This code failed to compile/build using nVS2010.

What goes wrong? The tlh files are generated automatically so I cannot remove one of the GeoPoint entries using an editor.

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Clearly the type library contains junk. And yes, that might not have been detected by VC6. Contact the component vendor for support. –  Hans Passant Jan 10 '12 at 18:47
Is there a way to get around this for a quick temporary fix. May be rename GeoPoint to Geopoint1 in #import ? –  dysonfree Jan 10 '12 at 19:58
I tried exclude("GeoPoint") in one of the #import and it got over this problem for now. Program may not run properly, but at least I can compile and build and continue with the other projects downstream. Thanks. –  dysonfree Jan 10 '12 at 20:44

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