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I have researched different ways of creating arrays and how to use lists, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. I made a program in python that does what I want, but python cuts alot of corners and I would like to know the "proper" and most efficient way of doing this.

I want to create an array (or list, not sure what's best for this) that has a string like 'Potion' and an int for the amount of that item, like an inventory for a game. What would be the best way to implement this?

I noticed you can make arrays like: Inventory.InvArray[][] But how can I make the first element a string, and the second element an int?

As you can see I'm a little confused, any help is appreciated :)

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You are not looking for an array or list, but for a dictionary.

In .NET, you can use the generic Dictionary<TKey, TValue> Class, e.g.

var inventory = new Dictionary<string, int>();
inventory["Apple"] = 99;

In Python, you would use a dict, e.g.

inventory = dict()
inventory["Apple"] = 99
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You can use Dictionary<string, int>.

Or you could make an Item object with an integer InventoryCount property.

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When you want to create a map of key value pair, like in your case, use a generic Dictionary instead.

var inventory = new Dictionary<string, int>();
inventory.Add("potion", 20);
inventory.Add("apple", 99);

Here the string type is for your keys, in this case a string for potions or apples and the int type is for your values, in this case quantity.

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Thanks that perfect :) – Zephni Jan 10 '12 at 19:24

It sounds like you are looking for a strongly-typed Dictionary<TKey, TValue>. You can specify the types as string and int, like so:

Dictionary<string, int> YourCollection = new Dictionary<string, int> ();
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Why don't you use a Dictionay<String, int> ?

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