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I try to load images from resources (or assets):

String summary = "<html><body>Hello, images!" +
   "<br/>res: <img src='file:///android_res/drawable/icon.png'/>" +
   "<br/>asset: <img src='file:///android_asset/Icon.png'/>" +
   "<br/>www: <img src='http://www.droiddraw.org/droidraw-small.png'></body></html>";
web_view.LoadData(summary, "text/html", null);

Resource and asset images are not displayed. What's wrong?

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If you use the LoadDataWithBaseUrl method instead it should work:

webView.LoadDataWithBaseURL(null, summary, "text/html", null, null);

One way to simplify things is to also load the WebView from an HTML asset, which would allow you to just use relative paths for the images.


Also make sure to set the BuildAction on any asset file to AndroidAsset.

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