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I'm in search of a good CMS that is more for designers(or people who know CSS/JS/HTML) but don't know much Php. Basically i am looking for a CMS where it is easy to retrofit an existing template into CMS, but what i am also looking for is that it has blog module, newsletter,etc.

Currently i am aware of CouchCMS, Perch and Concerete5, but would also like to hear if there are some other that i missed, that fall in this category. And please, i am not interested in self-hosted solutions.


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I'd head you for Drupal,


You will even be able to build queries with no SQL, simple view properties.

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Wordpress and Joomla both would work. Each has a large community and many, many themes to choose from and modify

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IMO, Joomla is easier to customize than WP. The guy asked for something simple without the need to learn PHP –  Yannis Dran Feb 1 '13 at 12:18
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