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I simply wish to rename a column in my DB. Ofcourse I just drop the DB and make changes then migrate but I want to do it a more practical way.

How can I create a migration that creates a change method with correct info inside so all I have to do is run rake db:migrate?

Command I'm running:

rails generate migration rename_column :profiles, :racial_background, :ethnicity

Empty methods:

class RenameColumn < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def up

  def down

Kind regards

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Only adding and removing columns can be implied by using the generator.

If the migration name is of the form “AddXXXToYYY” or “RemoveXXXFromYYY” and is followed by a list of column names and types then a migration containing the appropriate add_column and remove_column statements will be created.


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So to rename I would have to create the migration then manually enter the info into the file? – LondonGuy Jan 11 '12 at 0:14
@GregoryHouse yes. I think you could use the new def change ... end method only though for renaming columns, it should be able to guess the down equivalent itself. – mbillard Jan 11 '12 at 14:15

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