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I have a question that seems to be 'simple' solution .. but is still pounding me on the head here, I have a table with the rows

columns: x, y   
1 , 3 
3 , 8 
1 , 2 
3 , 7 

then, sometimes, the ordering will be right, knowing that 'all the results in column X' are different, just that .. it is the same, I want to use the column Y as sort criteria, it is possible?

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Why not just do:

FROM table
ORDER BY x, y;

That sorts by x first, using y as the tie-breaker.

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select x, y
from [your table]
order by x, y

This is defaulting in ascending order. You can specify

order by x, y desc

To order y in descending order.

The lesson here is that you sort by multiple fields in a table, you just need to separate the column names by a comma in your query.

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You can use order by to specify several fields separated with comma (,).

select x, y from table
order by x, y
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SELECT x, y FROM table_name ORDER BY x, y

This will order by X and then by Y (if X is the same for two rows)

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You haven't posted the query you're using. Are you using 'ORDER BY' at all?

SELECT x,y FROM coordinates ORDER BY x,y;

This would sort first by X then by Y values.

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select * from <tablename>
 order by x, y
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This would sort the rows by values in col y (ascending):

SELECT x, y FROM table order by y
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