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I am unable to find any information on how to use Windows Azure Access Control Service (ACS) with a Silverlight project using WCF RIA services. I am also unable to get anyone to even discuss the topic on forms etc... I have even emailed Vittorio Bertocci through his blog orm who is one of Microsoft's WIF guys to no reply.

( at this point i'll take a sarcastic reply just for fun !!)

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In the simplest form, you would just piggyback on the browser/website. A simple example is shown here:


and here:


Where instead of pointing to a fake STS, you would federate with ACS.s No difference.

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I have tried those links, and it appears that nothing happens. After hitting F5, it just ran as if there was no authentication process at all. I did notice that it showed my windows USERID. There was no prompt... The source code provided in those links, is dated Mar of 2011. So there might be a difference between the source code referenced in those links and the directions provided in those links ( 2009 ). link –  user1141547 Jan 11 '12 at 23:39

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