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So I have this program for assigning people to projects. In my database I already have some samples projects with assigned employees. I have to be able to cross match my current project's start and end date to the projects that the employee is assigned too.

I can't do it like

if (this_StartDate == assignedProj_StartDate || this_EndDate == assignedProj_EndDate)

because that would only match the exact dates.

I need to be able to mark the employee available if this_StartDate & this_EndDate is not within the period of the assigned project to him. Help?

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Duplicate question?… – emd Jan 10 '12 at 19:23
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It sounds like you want to check whether the the this range is outside of the assignedProj range:

if (this_StartDate > assignedProj_EndDate 
 || this_EndDate < assignedProj_StartDate)

This assumes that both ranges are valid (end > start)

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the > and < signs might be useful to you

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