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i have problem with amazon s3 service and a web service writed with php. This WS receive from $_POST a file base64encoded. I need to take this "string" and save to Amazon S3 bucket. I didn't find a right solution for do that, and after a week of work I'm looking for help here.

$file = $_POST['some_file'];
$opt = array(
      'fileUpload' => base64_decode($file),
      'acl' => AmazonS3::ACL_PUBLIC
$s3 = new AmazonS3(AWS_KEY, AWS_SECRET_KEY);
$response = $s3->create_object($bucket, $filename, $opt);


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Per the docs, fileUpload expects a URL or path, or an fopen resource.

fileUpload - string|resource - Required; Conditional - The URL/path for the file to upload, or an open resource. Either this parameter or body is required.

You should pass the decoded file data via the body parameter instead:

body - string - Required; Conditional - The data to be stored in the object. Either this parameter or fileUpload must be specified.

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Thanks! But i need anymore.. Now i store the file (sometimes it's an image), but if i open it on browser it say to me that the file is corrupted. Any suggestion? –  Matte Jan 11 '12 at 8:48

The imagestring is the base64 encoded string that was passed from POST data. You can encode this image and make a file to anywhere - in my case /photos. I used this is a school server, but if Amazon server is similar enough, it could also work there.

    $values = array();
    foreach($_POST as $k => $v){
        $values[$k] = $v;
    $imagestring = $values['stringEncodedImage'];

    $img = imagecreatefromstring(base64_decode($imagestring));
        if($img != false)
            echo 'making the file!';
            imagejpeg($img, 'photos/'.$file_name);
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