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I created a page called api.aspx I am displaying my output using a JSON serialize. Each type of function is based on query string. For example:

If Request.QueryString("action") = "getMember"

Then from there, I do a


For the variable I required for my function to work. Lastly the output is displayed as JSON.

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In REST, there should be no verbs in the URI, especially no things such as ?action=getMember. The core REST principle is HATEOAS - which says that the state of the application is represented by the state of its resources.

Furthermore, the application should use a uniform interface - that is, use the standard HTTP methods POST, GET, PUT and DELETE for CRUD operations respectively.

So, such a member resource from your example should be accessed via GET request to a URI such as:


Where {memberId} is path parameter that represents the memberId.

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I would say it's not restful since the url scheme is depending on query string parameters. For a real restful API the url's shoud be http://asite/member/2 and not be named.

If you want to make your api truly restful, use the URL routing from ASP.NET MVC, it's possible to integrate with webforms.

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