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I want to add a Button to a HeaderSpan in SmartGWT. At start, the title of the button will be + (Plus), when the user clicks the button, all the rows of the table are shown and the title of the Button becomes - (Minus). There are around 25 columns in the ListGrid hence I want this behaviour.

I have tried using the HeaderSpan.setAttribute("button", new Button("+")) method but it did not work. Please help.

Any other approach to hide/unhide columns will be very much appreciated.

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I've watched this link. As per the overview given in the screen, it does provide hide/show of particular column as well as particular headerspan. On right side of each column a dropdown like button is given which is visible on mouse over & serves your purpose. If you want to change it's icon, you can try the following code, where headerMenuButtonIcon is the path of your image:


Hope this helps you.

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Hello Trans, I've modified my answer. Now I hope this may help you. –  RAS Jan 12 '12 at 11:06

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