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I'm new to Ruby and Rails, and trying to make menu using Ancestry

My code is as under:

In application_helper.rb

module ApplicationHelper
    def get_menus
      @men = Menu
     return @men

in views/layouts/_header_menu.html.erb

<% @menu = get_menus %>
          <% @menu.roots.each do |menu| %>
             <li <%= "class='current-menu-item'" if request.fullpath == menu.pagelink  %> >
               <a href="<%= menu.pagelink %>"><span><%= menu.name%></span></a>
               <% unless menu.children.empty? %>
                 <% menu.children.each do |menu_child| %>
                 <li <%= "class='current-menu-item'" if request.fullpath == menu_child.pagelink  %> >
               <a href="<%= menu_child.pagelink %>"><span><%= menu_child.name%></span></a>
                 <% end %>
                   <% end %>
          <% end %>

In this way i'm getting only root and its children menus.

How can i get nth number of menus using ancestry?


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You would want to make a recursive function for this, but don't worry, they're easy.

In my mind, a menu has/is a collection of items, each of which be a link or another menu.

In your application helper, a method like "render_menu(menu)". It returns a string. Have a look at the docs of any methods you're not familiar with.

def render_menu(menu)    
    s = '<ul>'
    menu.each do |item|
      if item.responds_to?(:each)
        s << render_menu(item)
        s << "<li>#{item}</li>"

note you can (and should) also DRY thusly:

def get_menus # todo: delete?
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