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I am curious with current technology, what would be the most efficient way to handle building something like a Facebook wall or Google + wall/stream with PHP, Javascript, and MySQL.

This is something a lot of people try to reproduce and fail.

The goal is to have a stream of data like posts and posts can have comments and everything will auto update without reloading the page.

I know in the past some people have talked about using Comet but I have yet to see it in use really. Also now that Node.js exist, is that something that would do this job better?

Please tell me how you would do this?

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Take a look into long polling and web sockets. Web sockets are only supported by modern browsers, but that may be okay with you. Long polling relies on a client making a request with a long timeout period and the server holding on to it until something happens. This alleviates the pounding required of constant polling for updates and also results in a more responsive user interface. I believe this is what Facebook uses.

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