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I've got a test MVC site set up, and configured to log users in to it using Facebook's authentication systems. Once users log out of my system, how do I ensure that the right thing happens wrt to the users being logged in to Facebook (ie, they revert to whatever state od logged in they were before visiting my site)?

I'm relying on the FB api wrappers that are available to download through NuGet.

Several of the examples I see include a facebook logout method that can be called through the API, to let FB know that user(s) have logged out of my site, which, I assume, is supposed to "do the right thing". However, the method seems to have been removed from the library (and from the API?).

Is there some other method I should be calling, in order for the "right thing" to happen? Or, alternatively, some sort of workaround that people use?

It sees a bit disingenuous to ask people to access my site with their FB logins, only to have them surreptitiously remain logged in to FB after they've logged out of my site.

Used workaround below (hand crafting a logout URL). Be careful of your url encoding

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According to Facebook's developer TOS (item #6), you are required to log the user out of Facebook when the user logs out of your site (and used Facebook to login).

Consider the following use case:

A user accesses your site via a public computer (library) and opt to login (using facebook login) to access restricted features not available to users who are not logged in. The user conducts their business, then logs out. If you do not log them out of Facebook, their account is now available on the public computer, so if a new user uses the public computer after the initial user leaves, the new user could access the initial user's Facebook information.

Not sure about NuGet, but using Facebooks PHP SDK, you simply need to call Facebook's logout function which should generate a url with a next param, and access_token. So when the user clicks the logout link, they will be redirected to Facebook, logged out, then redirected back to your site to complete the logout process.

Example logout link:



  • next: This is the link the user will be redirected to after they are logged out of Facebook (this will be the domain you have registered with Facebook)
  • rd: This is an arbitrary url param so when the user is redirected back to my site, I can redirect them back to another landing page (other than logout page).
  • access_token: Is the access_token generated by Facebook when you logged the user in
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I've tried redirecting to a logout link which follows that format, without success (the user is not logged out of facebook, and is not redirected back to my site afterwards) –  blueberryfields Jan 11 '12 at 17:38
Facebook won't log the user out if the access_token you pass to logout, doesn't match the access_token created when the user logged in. Are you using Facebook's PHP Api (getLogoutUrl) or creating the link on your own? –  Mike Purcell Jan 11 '12 at 17:54
I'm creating the link on my own, using a stored copy of the access token –  blueberryfields Jan 11 '12 at 18:59
Can you post your 'next' url param value? –  Mike Purcell Jan 11 '12 at 20:39

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