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I've created a SQL Server database project that correctly deploys a database on my machine. However, I need this project to create databases on QA's machine. They do not know how to create a database from a script.

Is there a way a database project in Visual Studio 2010 can be published so all a non-technical user has to do is click an executable and the database will automatically install?

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There is certainly a way. I'll pop back and answer later when I have time (if somebody else hasn't), but all the details for creating a database can be scripted into the project. The best way is probably to create a deployment project to run the script. This however will be problematic when you want to make changes as there's no way for VS to know what's changed. I think the best way for you is going to be to set up a dev environment where you can deploy the DB and they can access it. –  Gats Jan 10 '12 at 21:43
I don't think that is what I need. I basically need an executable that a user can use to create a database on their local machine. The "Deploy" option on the Database project in Visual Studio does not give a way to deploy it if the user does not have Visual Studio. –  BladeHal Jan 10 '12 at 22:37

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What you are looking for is this MSDN article: Deploying a Database by Using the Database Publishing Wizard.

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