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I need to synchronize two sql server 2005 instances between intranet and extranet (through a firewall). Synchronization will be initiated from the intranet. What solutions do I have at my disposal?

intranet db: table t1 -> extranet db: table t1

intranet db: table t2 <- extranet db: table t2

i.e. intranet t1 content should be pushed out to extranet t1 and intranet t2 content should be fetched from extranet t2.

We intend to sync every hour.

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You should add information on wether you plan on migrating schema, data or both. –  Tormod May 19 '09 at 6:43

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Replication, log-shipping, backup/restore, export/import. All depending on your requirements.

Based on just shipping tables, I would just use SSIS.

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