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I have made a UML figure of a server system with Visio, however, my experience was not satisfactory. Therefore I want to model my server system, using UML, by some other means. but are there any other tools that people would recommended? I would prefer a free package.

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I strongly recommend BOUML. It's a free UML modelling application, which:

  • is extremely fast (fastest UML tool ever created, check out benchmarks),
  • has rock solid C++, Java, PHP and others import support,
  • is multiplatform (Linux, Windows, other OSes),
  • has a great SVG export support, which is important, because viewing large graphs in vector format, which scales fast in e.g. Firefox, is very convenient (you can quickly switch between "birds eye" view and class detail view),
  • is full featured, impressively intensively developed (look at development history, it's hard to believe that such fast progress is possible).
  • supports plugins, has modular architecture (this allows user contributions, looks like BOUML community is forming up)
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The website has moved to, and it is no longer free. – Alan McBee Oct 15 '12 at 17:34

Try these, all are free:

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I use SmartDraw for UML and architecture diagrams, it's pretty good. It's not free but there is a trial version you can test out.

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I love SmartDraw. Used it for my college course (sub-uni level, I'm in the UK) after being very much annoyed by Visio's unfriendly interface. SmartDraw makes life so much easier... And it does so much! I personally used it for DFDs, Organisation Charts and a few flow charts. Also makes excellent PowerPoint presentations. – Saladin Akara Sep 5 '10 at 10:48

Try Visual Paradigm for UML. The community edition version is free.

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Look at a comparsion between VP and BOUML: – anon May 19 '09 at 20:16
Very useful link. Do you know if this comparision is for VP Suite 4.0 for UML 7.0 vs an older verion of VP for UML 4.0 as the comparision states? – Kashif Awan May 19 '09 at 20:35

You can try JUDE Community for UML modeling. It is convenient, nice and has enough features.

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+1 very clean/nice and not bloated UML modeling tool – Nappy Sep 5 '10 at 10:33

Take a look at Sparx Enterprise Architect.

One problem you may notice with this and all the other answers is that these are modeling tools. Visio was a diagramming tool, which is a different thing.

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You can create UML class, sequence, component, use case, and activity diagrams in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. You can link these diagrams to Team Foundation work items so you can plan and track development and test work. You can also create sequence, dependency graphs, and layer diagrams from code and use Architecture Explorer to browse and explore your solution.

I've posted more links on my profile for more info.

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I have used ArgoUML, but find it very difficult to use, and hard to generate diagrams quickly.

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Inkscape - its free.

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-1 Inkscape, while quite good, is a general vector drawing app; it's not particularly suitable for diagrams. – sleske Mar 30 '10 at 13:21

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