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I have the following JavaScript to transform an XSL/XML file.

var xmlData = document.getElementById(controlID.value + "_XmlData");
var xsltData = document.getElementById(controlID.value + "_XsltData");

// Transform the XML using the specified XSLT file.
if ((xmlData != null) && (xsltData != null))
    reportDisplayControl.innerHTML = xmlData.transformNode(xsltData.XMLDocument);

I'm having an issue where the file does not get rendered in IE9. However, if I turn on compatibility mode, it works just fine.

I've noticed the following:

  1. Placing the following code: alert(xmlData); results in the following:
    • IE9 native: [object HTMLUnknownElement]
    • IE9 compatibility mode: [object]
  2. Placing an alert(xmlData.XMLDocument); results in the following:
    • IE9 native: undefined
    • IE9 c.m.: [object]

Can someone help me get this working in IE 9 native mode?

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Use an XML declaration to treat the XML as a document instead of a string. var xmlData = document.createElement("xml"); xmlData.src = document.getElementById(controlID.value + "_XmlData"); –  Paul Sweatte Jul 30 '12 at 22:02

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i was having this issue to... i had a look around and found out that the support for the XMLDocument property has been removed in IE9 http://help.dottoro.com/ljcdspjd.php Also saw a blog that provided a workaround http://www.roelvanlisdonk.nl/?p=2113 this might work for you... Thanks


i solved the problem by passing the xml back asyncronously using an XMLHttprequest object in javascript and then calling the singleNode direclty. cheers

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