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I have a location's latitude and longitude as well as the complete address. How do I figure out if it is an urban area or a rural area? Is there an API service available or something else I could use?

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I doubt whether this type of information is available as one man's rural could be another man's urban. It's subjective.

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Is this type of Information Provided by Google Map. –  Niladri_Android Jan 18 '12 at 12:04
As I say, I don't think this is possible. –  barry Jan 18 '12 at 16:36

You'll probably need commercial data for that. Rural Urban Suburban Codes is a general designation given by government agencies for each zip code (often used for determining grants and tax incentives - and some agencies define it differently). You can learn a more from the link: Rural Urban Suburban (don’t miss the detail tab at top)

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Barry is completely wrong. This information is not subjective. It is available from the US Census Bureau. You can also search on Rural Urban Continuum Codes.

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