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When I hit the commandButton it puts in the value that product.amount started as rather than what is currently typed in the input box.

<h:inputText value="#{product.amount}" />
<h:commandButton id="Button"
                 tabindex="2" >
    <f:ajax listener="#{shopBean.addToCart(product.product, product.amount)}" 
            render="@all" />            
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You need to include the input field in the execute attribute of the <f:ajax> so that it get processed as well, otherwise it will simply be ignored altogether.

<h:inputText id="amount" ... />
<h:commandButton ...>
    <f:ajax execute="@this amount" ... />

Or just put the whole in a single form and use execute="@form".

    <h:inputText ... />
    <h:commandButton ...>
        <f:ajax execute="@form" ... />

By the way, the render="@all" defeats one of the main advantages of using ajax. Try to render exactly only the component(s) which actually needs to be updated.

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I C, thank you good sir. – Landister Jan 11 '12 at 15:26
You're welcome. – BalusC Jan 11 '12 at 15:27

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