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I have a bit of PHP code that's baffling me for some reason. I know that I need to iterate through the array and run a SQL query for each value in the array, but I'm getting lost of how to do that in my code:

    $kit_bin_count = 0;
    $kit_itemno_array = null;
    $kit_bin_array = null;

     // iterate through array
    while ($kit_row = odbc_fetch_array($result_ickitd)) {
      // store results from mysql in our own PHP array
      $kit_itemno_array[$kit_count] = $kit_row['COMPONENT'];
      // increment counter
    for($k=0;$k<sizeof($kit_itemno_array);$k++) {
        $var_kit_item = $kit_itemno_array[$k];
        $newvar_kit_item = trim($var_kit_item);

/*  $params = "'".implode("','",$kit_itemno_array)."'";
    echo "$params"; */

/*  foreach ($kit_itemno_array as $country)
        $query .= "OR stv.name = '{$country}', ";
    } */

    $sql_kit_bin="SELECT * FROM icitem, iciloc WHERE icitem.itemno = '$kit_itemno_array[$k]' AND iciloc.itemno = icitem.itemno";
    while ($kit_bin_row = odbc_fetch_array($result_kit_bin)) {
        $kit_bin_array[$kit_bin_count] = $kit_bin_row['PICKINGSEQ'];
        echo "<span style=\"color:#66CCFF\">";
        echo "$kit_bin_array[$k]";
        foreach ($kit_bin_array as $kit_bin) {
    //      if(strpos($file_array, $kit_item ) !== FALSE) {
            echo '<br />' . $kit_bin ; }
    //      else {
    //          $kit_post_array[] = $kit_item;
    //          echo '<br />' . 'KI: ' . $kit_item ; }
    //      }
    echo "</span>";

My code is returning the first value correctly and placing it in the $kit_item_array variable, but additional rows are getting lost. I'm unsure of how to loop this inside of my existing loop so everything is returned properly.

Here is a screenshot of the results, including a print_r() of the arrays being returned.


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$kit_count is used...take it out and I get no results. I will admit that $kit_bin_count was useless and was probably left there after trying several scenarios out. Regardless, does anyone have an idea of how I can get this to work? –  Donavon Yelton Jan 10 '12 at 23:21

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If you indent your code properly, you will find it much easier to spot problems in your code. In your case, I suspect the problem lies in an extra } here:

for($k=0;$k<sizeof($kit_itemno_array);$k++) {
    $var_kit_item = $kit_itemno_array[$k];
    $newvar_kit_item = trim($var_kit_item);
    } // <<--- This closes the loop when I don't think you meant to

You code can be reduced down to one loop and a single query, I suspect (assuming you are using MySQL, as one of your comments suggests). I can;t give you the complete code because your first query is not shown, but lets for the purposes of this example say it is:


If we make your second query, the one shown above, into:

FROM icitem t
JOIN iciloc l ON l.itemno = t.itemno
WHERE t.itemno IN (
  FROM items

...it pretty much renders all the code prior to that query pointless.

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I ended up editing a SQL query above all of this code to pull everything that I needed rather than try to do it separately. I'm not sure why I didn't think to do that originally, but I appreciate you pointing me in that direction. Definitely much easier. 8-) –  Donavon Yelton Jan 11 '12 at 12:24

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