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i get a JSON response from a web service:

 4fdafc1f3c62\/Seperate","HASStatus":"Future","HASStatement":"<p>The Household Assistance Scheme is not yet available in this switchover area. Eligible households will be sent a letter when the scheme opens in the Sydney area.<\/p>","SwitchOffDate":"31 December 2013","Events":{"MaximumProximity":6.864859435168742,"Items":[{"Name":"Test Event","Time":"Time","Url":"","Date":"Date","Address":"19a Boundary Street, Rushcutter...

so my question is, in android java how to ask for the key: CoverageSearchByLatLongResult

in ObjC in iphone , something like this:

  NSDictionary *coverageResult = [response objectForKey:@"CoverageSearchByLatLongResult"];

so basically im parsing a dictionary with a key, but that result i need to put it inside other dictionary,

[correct me if wrong, in java dictionaries are called maps?]

how to do this?

thanks a lot!

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You should use the classes in the org.json package:


With them you can do things like:

try {
    String jsonString = "YOUR JSON CONTENT";
    JSONObject obj = new JSONObject(jsonString);
    JSONObject anotherObj = obj.getJSONObject("CoverageSearchByLatLongResult");
    boolean bool = anotherObj.getBoolean("HasTransmissionAreasWithSignal");

    JSONArray jsonArray = obj.getJSONArray("arrayKey");
    int i = jsonArray.getInt(0);
} catch (JSONException e) {

Java Maps map keys to values. As an example of their use:

Map<String, Integer> map = new HashMap<String, Integer>();
map.put("string key", 1);
map.put("another key", 3);
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