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Hi guys : I have a file system with lots of "parallel" data in it (details : its a local hadoop development environment). In any case,

  • I want a file browser tool that is pluggable, so that when I click on certain files, certain readers are invoked.

  • I also want to compare parallel directories . For example if I have a/ b/ and c/, each of which has output.txt, I want to compare the size/contents of output.txt across those directories.

Although I realize these are somewhat strange comparisons to do - I believe programmers probably do such comparisons quite often. Does any generic tool exist for browsing large file/directory repos on disk ?

Hopefully, it would be java, and be java pluggable , but even a simple Mac OS X application might be useful to some extent.

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Kdiff3 has a great directory compare tool.

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For comparing files, the search term you are looking for is 'diff viewer'. Google immediately returns a link to this SO question. There the recommended viewer is FileMerge, although personnaly I prefer Kdiff3, which seems to support OS X as well.

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