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Objective-C style formatter

I'm very picky about the formatting of my Objective C code. Lately I've been obliged to work with quite a bit of Objective C code that wasn't written by me, and I would like to format it according my own customary code formatting standards (e.g. ANSI bracket style, spacing between method name and first argument, etc, etc.

Of course, I know I can throw together something in Perl to automate this for me, but I was hoping there was a tool out there which could do the job for me. So, is there some free tool available for formatting Objective C files?

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OK, found Uncrustify, which does the trick:


And a sample config file for Objective C here:


There's even an XCode plugin available:


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For quick but not complete formatting (mainly indenting) select the code and control-I. THis is about the same formatting as obtained by pasting code.

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I know I can manually change the file formatting. I'd like to automate it, since I'm obviously not going to go through dozens of implementation files fixing them manually like this. –  svth Jan 11 '12 at 0:37

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