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I have a several columns of :checkboxes and labels.

<ul class="column1">
        <input value="jan" type="checkbox" />
        <input value="feb" type="checkbox" />
    <li> etc..<li>

I have copied the val from the attribute value"" to the attribute id""

var tagCheckbox = ("ul li :checkbox");

$(tagCheckbox).attr("id", function() { 
    return "id_" + this.value;       

Now I want to copy the val of the input value"" or id"" to the attribute for"" on the <label>

How can I do that?

.attr(,); wont do it alone, because it only grabs the first :checkbox and copy that same value to all labels

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Try this:

$(tagCheckbox).attr("id", function() { 
    var val="id_" + this.value;
    return val;       
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Brilliant! and yet so simple. Thank you –  Ronni DC Jan 11 '12 at 1:06

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