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I have found much use of using setattr() to make dynamically generated class methods and attributes. I have also been using sphinx to create documentation, which is fantastic.

The problem is that i cannot use the autosummary feature of sphinx if the attributes and methods are dynamic. Is there a clever way to do this? The dynamic methods and attributes are created upon initialization.

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Are you setting the __doc__ property of the dynamic methods? –  jterrace Jan 11 '12 at 16:06
yes, so their documentation works when using the help() command, but sphinx doesnt include them in the autoclass because the methods are generated until the class is initialized. –  alex Jan 13 '12 at 20:25

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Try this (it's a little wacky):

  1. Create an instance of your class in your conf.py file.
  2. Use the autodoc-process-docstring event to fire a handler (which you will need to write) to copy the __doc__ elements for the various dynamic methods from the instance you created in 1) into the output for the class.

It's not a simple solution, nor easy, and heck, maybe not even possible, but it Just Might Work if you can figure out how to get things to happen at thw right time.

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