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Basically in my in my aspx page I have a gridview which displays the value from my database as an image. So if a value in my database table is 5, it will be displayed as 5 images in the gridview. ie.(star.jpg star.jpg star.jpg star.jpg star.jpg)

The code:

Protected Function getrating(ByVal rate As Integer)
        Dim getrating As String
        getrating = ""
        For i = 1 To rate
            getrating = getrating + "<img src=""Images/star.jpg"" alt=""*"">"
        Return getrating
    End Function

It's been working fine so far for whole numbers, but now I'm adding averages into my database, so any value with a decimal point(like 4.6) gives me the error

"Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'Integer' is not valid."

How would I go about in adding images when the value has a decimal point?

Since the field in my database has the range set to numbers 1 to 5, I like it to display another image if the value has a decimal point. ie. "3.5" would display in the gridview star.jpg, star.jpg, star.jpg, halfstar.jpg. If that made any sense lol.

Anyone have an idea on how to do doing this?

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Are you asking how to determine if you have a fractional part? You could multiple the value by 10, then check if the value modulo 10 is zero. If not, you have a fractional part. – kinakuta Jan 11 '12 at 2:46
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Judging by your error, it's probable that you're not even accepting decimal values and inserting the NULL value when they occur. Fix that first, make sure the result isn't DBNull, then you can make the changes to a decimal type like Double:

Protected Function GetRating(ByVal rating As Double) As String
    Dim result As New System.Text.StringBuilder()

    While rating >= 1.0#
        result.Append("<img src=""Images/star.jpg"" alt=""*"">")
        rating -= 1.0#
    End While

    If rating > 0.0# Then _
        result.Append("<img src=""Images/halfstar.jpg"" alt=""1/2"">")

    Return result.ToString()
End Function

I also took the liberty of using a StringBuilder instead of concatenating strings with +.

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You need to check DBNull value (From error description).

If reader.Read() Then
  IF Not reader.IsDBNull(0) Then '1st column
    'If field type is decimal
     Dim decimalVar=reader.GetDecimal(0)
  End If
End If
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If you want to do this I really recommend to use one image which contains all stars in it. So that image should have 5 Stats like:

enter image description here

For this demo I added a image with 120px width and 24px height. Then You need to add a like this:

Then when you want to show your stars, you need to find out the width of this with following method:

DIV width = (Rate/5) * 120

So for example 2.5 will be (2.5/5)*120 = 60! Then you need to change DIV's width to 60 and then you'll have your 2.5 rank! and will become something like:

<div style="background-image:url(;width:60px;height:24px;">

This is just a simple method which will give you an idea to expand and customize for your logic. I hope this helps :-)

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