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I have a question about android Facebook API singleSignOn method.

The code below uses

package "com.facebook.katana" and class "com.facebook.katana.proxyAuth"

The problem is I dont have such package and class in my eclipse
but it seems the activity which uses those package and class works fine
even if I dont have one.
can anybody tell me why activity.startActivityForResult(intent, activityCode);

does not throws ActivityNotFoundException errors even if I dont have a right package?

Code is here:

private boolean startSingleSignOn(Activity activity, String applicationId,
            String[] permissions, int activityCode) {
        boolean didSucceed = true;<br>
        Intent intent = new Intent();

        intent.putExtra("client_id", applicationId);
        if (permissions.length > 0) {
            intent.putExtra("scope", TextUtils.join(",", permissions));

        // Verify that the application whose package name is
        // com.facebook.katana.ProxyAuth
        // has the expected FB app signature.
        if (!validateAppSignatureForIntent(activity, intent)) {
            Log.d("Facebook - startSignleSignOn", "AppSign Validation Failed, return didsucced false");
            return false;

        mAuthActivity = activity;
        mAuthPermissions = permissions;
        mAuthActivityCode = activityCode;
        try {
            activity.startActivityForResult(intent, activityCode);
        } catch (ActivityNotFoundException e) {
            Log.d("Facebok - startSingleSignOn", "Activity not found exception, return didsucced false");
            didSucceed = false;

        return didSucceed;
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nevermind. I found out that the code automatically use webview facebook authorization when
they can not find "com.facebook.katana" package and "com.facebook.katana.ProxyAuth" class.
I believe those package and class are included in Facebook application.
So, if I have facebook official application which includes "com.facebook.katana.ProxyAuth",
my application uses SigleSignOn method which enables skipping facebook authentication of my app
if user logged on facebook official application. And if I don't have facebook offical app,
then the app uses traditional webview athentication.

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