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I want to write little integration tests for my Snap web handlers but I am stuck. Here is the scenario. I have a Snap web handler that (run-of-the-mill style) CRUDs up a type and it looks something like this:

create :: AppHandler ()
create = method POST $ do
         lastName  <- decodeUtf8 . fromJust <$> getParam "lastName"
         firstName <- decodeUtf8 . fromJust <$> getParam "firstName"
         createPerson $ Person firstName lastName
         modifyResponse (setResponseCode 204)

The Snap.Test module has some things to help build up a request and I use it to make a request for my handler:

createOwnerReq :: RequestBuilder IO () 
createOwnerReq = postUrlEncoded "host/person/create" $
                 fromList [ ("firstName", ["Greg-Shaw"])
                          , ("lastName",  ["Snoy'Sullivan"])

Here's the problem, I want to make a TestUnit TestCase for this handler so I need the run the handler on the createOwnerReq request. The module Snap.Test provides:

 runHandler :: MonadIO a => RequestBuilder m () -> Snap a -> m Response


 ... do 
     resp <- runHandler createOwnerReq ??? 

But wait!!! My request handler is of type AppHandler () but runHandler requires a Handler of type Snap a. How do I lift my AppHandler type into the Snap monad? Help please, this is kind of trippin' me out.

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Is AppHandler a type you defined? I've looked around online, but have not seen it anywhere else. – Tikhon Jelvis Jan 11 '12 at 4:07
type AppHandler = Handler App App ...its a synonym that is shown in the snap tutorial on the Snap web site. Type Handler b v is an instance of MonadSnap. – ExternalReality Jan 11 '12 at 4:14
I thought it was something like that. Thanks for clearing it up. – Tikhon Jelvis Jan 11 '12 at 4:16
Have you tried to just use return create: the type system might handle it for you... Anyway, can you post a full script so we can run it locally and debug it, please? – lbolla Jan 11 '12 at 11:02
Ibolla, return create did the trick. I am not sure I understand why however. return is of type a -> m a. I'm at a loss. Where do I look to brush up on this transformer stuff. I've wen't over Monad Transformers Step by Step a few time now. Better have at it again. – ExternalReality Jan 11 '12 at 23:42

Ibolla's return create trick probably doesn't do what you want. It compiles correctly because runHandler takes a Snap a which will work on a Snap action with any return value. return create :: Snap (AppHandler ()), which is very different from the Snap () that you were probably expecting.

We are working on a Snap.Snaplet.Test equivalent that will wrap the runHandler function provided by Snap.Test to allow you to test Handlers. This will probably be included in the 0.10 release of the snap package.

In the interim, you can solve the problem manually by using runSnaplet to convert your SnapletInit into a Snap () action that can be passed to Snap.Test.runHandler. This won't let you test an individual Handler, but it will let you test any of the routes defined in your application's initializer.

EDIT: In snap-0.10, we added test support for snaplets.

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