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I'm new to AFNetWorkingk and my question is when I use AFJSONRequestOperation,my service returned a text/html result! Any one can give me some suggestions?Or other methord to implement this?

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There's nowhere near enough info here for us to even make a guess as to what is wrong. Basically: Your client code could be wrong, it could be using the wrong url or your service could be broken. Try using charlesproxy to capture a working request to the service, then capture a non-working request sent by your code, and add them both into the question along with your code. – JosephH Jan 11 '12 at 9:03
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Just add text/html to the acceptableContentTypes like this:

[AFJSONRequestOperation addAcceptableContentTypes:[NSSet setWithObject:@"text/html"]];

This is definitely a better option than the one below as you don't need to alter AFJSONRequestOperation.m

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Go to AFJSONRequestOperation.m

Add text/html

+ (NSSet *)defaultAcceptableContentTypes {
    return [NSSet setWithObjects:@"application/json", @"text/json", @"text/javascript", @"text/html", nil];
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Just a shot in the dark, but try setting the Accept header to application/json for the NSURLRequest, or if that doesn't work, add a .json to the end of the URL.

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