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i trying to implement the 'Like' operator by using the entity framework query.But seem 'Like' doesnt appear to be supported int column. Here is my query

            using (ObjectContext ctx = new ObjectContext(gbcDbConnection.eObjqueryConnection))
                string result = " Select ";
                result += "       master_factory.FACTORY_ID, master_factory.FACTORY_NAME,  ";
                result += "       case when master_factory.FACTORY_TYPE ='"+gbvArticleVarieble.FactoryTypeExterIni+"' then '"+gbvArticleVarieble.FactoryTypeExter+"' else '"+gbvArticleVarieble.FactoryTypeInter+"' end as factory_type ";

                result += " FROM  ";
                result += "     LEWREDBEntities.[MASTER_FACTORY] as master_factory  ";

                result += " WHERE ";
                result += "      (master_factory.FACTORY_TYPE = @factoryType1 or master_factory.FACTORY_TYPE =@factoryType2) and master_factory.STATUS<>@status";

                if (searchVal != "")
                     result += "      AND master_factory.[FACTORY_ID]  LIKE '%' + @searchVal + '%' ";

                ObjectQuery<DbDataRecord> query = ctx.CreateQuery<DbDataRecord>(result);
                query.Parameters.Add(new ObjectParameter("status", gbcDBVariable.DeleteIni));
                query.Parameters.Add(new ObjectParameter("factoryType1",gbvArticleVarieble.FactoryTypeExterIni ));
                query.Parameters.Add(new ObjectParameter("factoryType2", gbvArticleVarieble.FactoryTypeInterIni));
                if (searchVal != "")
                    query.Parameters.Add(new ObjectParameter("searchValue", searchVal));

                if (logger.IsDebugEnabled)

As u see, the Factory id is integer data type. when i execute it return me error LIKE arguments must be of string type. Near member access expression Does anyone else try this before

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You can probably use CAST, I'm not familiar with ESQL but:

AND CAST(master_factory.[FACTORY_ID] as System.String) LIKE '%' + @searchVal + '%'

This link gets all mushy: How to String Concatenation in Entity SQL?

this is more formal: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb399172.aspx

Hope it helps.

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You said it yourself:

LIKE arguments must be of string type.

That's your answer :)

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got any solution? –  user998405 Jan 11 '12 at 5:05

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