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I have been working on a small hack around with Power Point to automatically create a Text Box Shape with some preset effect in which the text is dynamically fetched from clipboard. I have quiet a bit of a problem here, the functionality works fine with the following VB script with macros.

Sub ReadFromFile()

Dim MyData As DataObject
Dim strClip As String

Set MyData = New DataObject
strClip = MyData.GetText

Set activeDocument = ActivePresentation.Slides(1)

 With activeDocument
        'Set QASlide = .Slides.Add(Index:=.Slides.Count + 0, Layout:=ppLayoutBlank)

        activeDocument.Shapes.AddTextEffect PresetTextEffect:=msoTextEffect28, _
        Text:=strClip, _
        FontName:="Garde Gothic", FontSize:=44, FontBold:=msoTrue, _
        FontItalic:=msoFalse, Left:=25, Top:=25

        With .Shapes(.Shapes.Count)
        .Width = 200
        .Height = 300
        End With

 End With

End Sub

Can some one help me in providing the script for wrapping the text inside the shape which has a defined width and height as in the code above?

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Not sure if I understand you right but does adding .TextFrame.WordWrap = msoTrue to the block below solve your problem?

    With .Shapes(.Shapes.Count)
    .Width = 200
    .Height = 300
    End With
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I think you are looking for this:

.Shapes(.Shapes.Count).TextFrame.TextRange.Text = strClip

You can set it in the same With that you are setting the height and width

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If you want text to wrap within a shape, you'll have to use something other than a texteffect shape.

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