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window.requestFileSystem not working

Following is the code to generate a csv file using any data from HTML page. In my case, I hvae a variable history in which I have data collected from a HTML table.

By this code, I can download the generated csv file in my computer. this code is working fine in Google Chrome but not in Firefox. I need to run it in firefox too.

This code is from HTML5

You can try this code here

window.webkitRequestFileSystem(window.TEMPORARY, 1024*1024, function(fs) {
        fs.root.getFile('history_tracker.csv', {create: true}, function(fileEntry) {
          fileEntry.createWriter(function(fileWriter) {
            var builder = new WebKitBlobBuilder();


            var blob = builder.getBlob('text/plain');

            fileWriter.onwriteend = function() {
          }, errorHandler);
        }, errorHandler);
      }, errorHandler);

    function errorHandler(e) {
      var msg = '';

      switch (e.code) {
        case FileError.QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR:
          msg = 'QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR';
            case FileError.NOT_FOUND_ERR:
          msg = 'NOT_FOUND_ERR';
            case FileError.SECURITY_ERR:
          msg = 'SECURITY_ERR';
            case FileError.INVALID_MODIFICATION_ERR:
            case FileError.INVALID_STATE_ERR:
          msg = 'INVALID_STATE_ERR';
          msg = 'Unknown Error';
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Chrome is currently the only browser to implemented the HTML5 Filesystem API. See the supported browsers note in the html5rocks article.

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You're using a nonstandard API: the filesystem API. It's not part of HTML5, and may not ever become standardized; right now it's just a proprietary Chrome extension to the standards.

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I assume that since the function is called window.webkitRequestFileSystem(), that it isn't part of the HTML5 standard. The webkit engine is only used by a few browsers including Safari and Chrome, but not Firefox. You'll want to lookup the API offered by Firefox.

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