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I want to excel to do the aggregation of data based on a reference column: the data I have in the excel is as below:

    A     1
    B     2
    C     3
    D     4
    A     2
    C     1
    E     5
    F     2
    B     3


I need the final values to be aggregated on COl-A as:

    A     3
    B     5
    C     4
    D     4
    E     5
    F     2

Could any please help how to acheive this in excel?

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use a pivot table. Give column headers to both Column A (eg: alphabet) and Column B (eg: value). Select both the columns including header. Go to insert->pivot table. In the pivot table options, give row header as alphabet and 'value' in Values field.

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I agree with Sandeep, the best dynamic solution is a Pivot Table.

Yet, if you wanted to use formula, you could use the SUMIF formula.

For instance, put in cell C2 this kind of formula:

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