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  1. how to convert currency in java-script like pound, dolor, and any currency please reply html designing html code
  2. this is my html css and javascript code
<div class="fxborder"> <div
class="fxheader">Currency Converter</div> <form action=""> <p
class="fx">Amount:<br /> <input name="Amount" value="1"
maxlength="15" size="15" class="fx" /> <br />From:<br /> <select
name="RateFrom" class="fx"> <option class="fx"
value="0.3363">Argentine Peso</option> </select> <select
name="RateTo" class="fx"> <option class="fx"
value="0.3363">Argentine Peso</option> </select> </p> <p class="fx">
<input name="calc" value="Convert" type="button"
onclick="temp(this.form)" class="fxsubmit" /><br /> Result:<br />
<input name="Exchange" readonly="readonly" size="15"
class="fxresults" /> </p> </form> <p class="fx">&rarr;<a
href="http://www.timegenie.com/currency_converter" title="free
currency converter for your web site" class="fxlink">Free currency
converter</a><br /> &rarr;<a href="http://www.timegenie.com/"
title="world time and time zone converter" class="fxlink">Time zone
converter</a></p> </div>
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You want to convert currencies. But the currency values are volatile and they alter very frequently. How will you get this information from? It might be some web service preferably. – Acn Jan 11 '12 at 6:38
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How about this guy right here: http://www.gocurrency.com/add-converter.htm

or this one :) http://cconv.textor.com/

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As currencies are volatile, We can not use constant mathematical formalae, you can try below currency converter javascript code Foreign exchange resource

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