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I want to create a multiple shortcodes something likes this.


[tab title="1"]
//content goes here

[tab title="2"]
//content2 goes here

[tab title="3"]
//content4 goes here


expected output :

    <li id="tab1">[tab title="1" goes here]</li>
    <li id="tab2">[tab title="2" goes here]</li>
    <li id="tab3">[tab title="3" goes here]</li>

<ul id="tab1">

<ul id="tab2">

<ul id="tab3">

How to do that in WordPress?

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there is nothing better than reading the official documentation – balexandre Jan 11 '12 at 7:26
you do realize ID attribute must be unique also there is a WordPress stack exchange site.. this should probably be posted there as you are not looking for specific help to a problem but looking for guidance on how to develop a wordpress plugin. – rlemon Jan 11 '12 at 19:28

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add_shortcode('external', 'externalFunction');

function externalFunction( $atts,$content = null){
     echo do_shortcode('[internal]'.$content.'[/internal]');


function internalFunction($atts, $content=null)

            "title" => ''
        ), $atts));  

     * do your stuffs here

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