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I am trying to implement fully transparent autosave system for logged users, but got stuck with sending data to server on browser close. I can bind some functionallity to unload event, but I was unable to send any data to server (using jQuery/Ajax).

Is it possible to send data to server, when user closes browser?

P.S. Given, that even GMail doesn't automatically saves draft, but alerts about possible data loss, thinking that task is quite complicated...

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you can save document automatically when user type. like in google docs. – Chamika Sandamal Jan 11 '12 at 7:29

Set your AJAX call to synchronous. the async call will let the browser move on before the op completes.

$.ajaxSetup({ async : false })

please note cross domain and jsonp calls do not support synchronous calls $.ajax

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$(window).unload( function () {
        url: yourUrl,
        type: "POST",
        data: "value1=value",
        cache: true,
        success: function(response){

    } );

you also pass multiple data in data params like "value1=value&value2=value" and {yourUrl} is relative or absolute url

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Do you know that this will work even as the browser is closing? – jfriend00 Jan 11 '12 at 7:20
Seems you have to forget about onunload event, if you'd like to create trully cross-browser appliction, because of Opera. Sad(( – Denis Kulagin Jan 11 '12 at 7:57

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